AVA Token Usecases

SMART Discount

Youtube SMART
Tiered discounts for holding AVA.

SMART Loyalty

Youtube Loyalty
Tiered Loylaty rewards for holding AVA.

INVITE Referral

INVITE a friend and get AVA rewards!


Use AVA to book your trip.

Review rewards

AVA rewards for leaving an authentic a blockchain review.


Used by 3rd parties to pay for API services and integrations.


Payments in AVA for advertising.

Booking Giveback

All non-SMART bookings get a 2% giveback.


Refunds issued in the form of AVA.


New coin payment options payable in AVA.

Why I believe in it?

Travala (AVA)

Implemented on the NEO blockchain, operating with a dBFT protocol the NEP-5 token is the asset that powers the whole Travala economy.

I personally think AVA is one of if not the ONLY token in the crypto world right now you can assign a hard dollar value to it based on savings and platform usage.
One example instance you hold "X" number of tokens to get discounts on your bookings based on holding teirs.
Based on this you can look at your holiday, say it's going to cost "Y" you can then calculate what "X" discount is and the value vs "Y" of your holiday. If it costs less than to purchase the AVA tokens needed to give you the discount then you will buy the token and they have an assigned value of "YX" to you .
Don't for get these tokens are tradable after your booking if you want to risk selling again after your trip and rebuy at a (possible) higher price in the future. Once again, this is my personal musing.

Token Details

  • Total supply: 61,571,086 AVA
  • NEP-5 asset on NEO blockchain
  • Smart Contracts
  • Openly tradeable reward token
  • High demand
  • Limited supply, Can never grow
  • Free transactions
  • Direct Value translation

AVA Platform movement

I personally think that in a very short time period we will start to see a reduced Circulating supply of the AVA token for sale on exchanges as it gets “locked” up in the platform. The higher the demand for owning the token becomes the less is available for sale on the open market.
There are a number examples, one such will be SMART program. When thinking of mass adoption what number comes to mind ? 100 users ? 1000 Users ?

Booking .com makes over 1 million bookings PER day.

If Travala had as little as 20 bookings per day of people who are a SMART member taking the average holding.

(AVA x Bookings x daysmonth)

2500 x 20 x 30 =1,500,000 With a current circulating supply of 35,103,443 AVA what will happen to the price ?

Certainly an AVA token valuation must rise when the demand increases so dramatically ?

This is only ONE of the uses cases, doesn't even take into account loyalty rewards, invite programs etc.. You can very easily see a very sharp incoming demand for the token once mass adoption (or even limited adoption) hits. Bookings have already increased month by month on the live and operational platform so stay posted..

Token Flow

The below gif is a depiction of AVA tokens flowing from the left hand side the "Open Market" or "Circulating supply" into the Travala.com platform.
By having a large number of uses cases for the AVA token such as the SMART program the tokens will naturally and gradually migrate into the Travala booking platform.
You can imagine each of the Use Cases talked about HERE as one of the water droplets below.

Open market to Travala platform

It's simple More bookings = more being used in the platform, less available on the open market..
What can we expect of price per AVA when the sell books thin out ?
Can we look at historical data and utilise Supply, Demand and price curves ?

Supply / Demand

Micro-Economics is a highly researched topic that you can perform your own research on but there are a few laws that I personally feel are applicable in this scenario:
Two great resources on the topic:

A Decrease in Supply & an Increase in Demand

When there is a decrease is supply and an increase in demand, the new equilibrium occurs at a higher market price . The new equilibrium quantity may be larger, smaller, or unchanged depending on the magnitudes of the shifts.

Where to learn more?

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How to buy?

BitMart - BTC/ AVA: HERE
Coinall - USDT / AVA: HERE
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Coinall - BTC / AVA: HERE

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